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A browsable database of books discussed on Marginal Revolution, sorted by the month of their posting.

What is this website?

A browsable database of every Amazon hyperlink to a book ever posted on Marginal Revolution.

I have only posted metadata. To read what Tyler or Alex wrote, you'll need to visit MR itself. To buy a book you'll need to visit Amazon.

What is Marginal Revolution?

Marginal Revolution on Wikipedia.

Marginal Revolution is one of the most popular economics blogs on the Internet. It has been in constant operation since 2003, and has posted over 4000 links to books on Amazon.

Who made this website?

I am a software developer and entrepreneur. Here is a link to my blog about tech entrepreneurship. Click here.

Here is a link to my twitter. Click here.

Are you affiliated with Marginal Revolution?

No. I am simply a long time reader and fan of the site.

Does Amazon require sites like this to post a legal disclaimer?

Yes they do! Here it is.

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